March 2017 Simple Pure Whole Favorites: Ginger, Yoga in Pregnancy, Sorrel Recipes + VIDEO

#Healthy favorites #March #spring #sorrel #ginger #yoga in #pregnancy natural #pain relief and more! #health #wellness

Spring is in the air here, and for me, that means it is time to start thinking green! Whether packing in the healthy green veggies in a delicious smoothie such as my Healthy Shamrock Smoothie Bowor giving your medicine cabinet a healthy green makeover, green is a color of vitality, renewal andSpring Cleaning Your Health !  

For more springtime, green inspiration, check out my favorite healthy recipes/foods/products/links/exercises/inspiration from the past month. My Favorites feature is a regular part of the Simple | Pure | WholeTMBlog allowing me to share some great healthy solutions with you each month! 

A Clean and Green Medicine Cabinet Makeover for Natural First Aid #clean #green #eco #natural #naturalliving #nontoxic #ecoliving #minimalism #firstaid #personalcare #skincare #skin

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Simple Pure Whole Wellness Favorites! #recipes #health #inspiration and #food!

Here are some of my Simple | Pure | WholeTM Healthy Favorites for March!

#Healthy favorites #March #spring #sorrel #ginger #yoga in #pregnancy natural #pain relief and more! #health #wellness

Favorite Ingredient: Ginger

One of the key steps in Spring Cleaning Your Health is to reboot your pantry with healthy, nourishing options. In addition to coconut butter, turmeric,  Celyon cinnamon, ginger one of my whole food pantry stables anbd also a great way to squelch inflammation and reduce pain naturally.

gingerGinger is best known for its ability to help qualm nausea, including that from morning sickness, chemotherapy and sea sickness. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory spice which helps prevent blood clots and slows the development of atherosclerosis. Gingerols are potent inflammation-reducing substances that support cell health and may help prevent chronic diseases like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and even cancer. Ginger has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat colds, nausea, indigestion and digestive imbalance. 

Simple Pure Whole Solutions

  • I feature beneficial spices like cinnamon and ginger in many of my recipes (i.e. Autumn Harvest SkilletGluten-Free Coconut Ginger Granola Bars)  support and strengthen the respiratory and digestive tracts.  Baking with these spices, along with nutmeg and cloves, and incorporating them in smoothies, soups and teas are nice ways to enjoy their warming flavors while reaping health benefits. 
  • A perfect way to enjoy the benefits and flavor of ginger is in my Perk-Up Ginger Smoothie. This quick, vegan, gluten-free, paleo treat is the perfect start for your morning or to help you push through the afternoon slump with free-radical busting power, natural nutrition and no added sugar!
  • Make fresh ginger tea by grating raw organic ginger and seeping it in hot water. 
  • Sprinkle ground ginger over root vegetables before roasting

#Healthy favorites #March #spring #sorrel #ginger #yoga in #pregnancy natural #pain relief and more! #health #wellness

Favorite Inspirational Article: Yoga during pregnancy: The effects on labor pain and delivery outcomes (A randomized controlled trial)

One blog post from March which stirred up a lot of discussion was my post on An Integrative Approach to Pain.  Emerging guidelines strongly encourage clinicians to utilize non-drug therapies such as superficial heat, massage, yoga, acupuncture, spinal manipulation and other mind-body therapies as first-line approaches to addressing pain. 

#Pain reduction with #Yoga in #pregnancy #health #healthy #wellness #lifestyle #painreduction #labor

Childbirth can be one of the most stressful conditions for many women. Labor pain and discomfort are significant challenges which can be addressed with various techniques. Many women desire natural solutions which can be effective in decreasing pain during labor. 

This randomized controlled trial found that yoga during pregnancy may contribute to a reduction pain of labor and improved adequacy of childbirth. The researchers found that “as a result of well-toned muscles by performing yoga during pregnancy, women have more energy and are more relaxed [10] which can impact delivery outcomes.  In addition, Yoga may lead to an increase in strengthening and flexibility of the perineum and vaginal muscles as well as and sphincter and urinary tract which may facilitate labor and delivery.”

Simple Pure Whole Solutions:

#Healthy favorites #March #spring #sorrel #ginger #yoga in #pregnancy natural #pain relief and more! #health #wellness

Favorite Farmer’s Market Find: Sorrel

Fresh spring greens are starting to pop up at my local farmer’s market, and I could not be more excited! One of my favorite greens is sorrel. Sorrel is a perennial herb in the family Polygonaceae which is also known as spinach dock and narrow-leaved dock. 

While it may appear like dandelion greens or a mild spinach, your tastebuds will be pleasantly surprised. Sorrel is a very tangy, acidic herb whose sour taste comes from oxalic acid. It’s fresh lemony flavor and tart tang makes it unique and the perfect addition to a light springy salad. 

#Sorrel a fresh #healthy #green with a lemony zing! #health #greens #food #veggie #vegan #vegetarain #recipe #farmersmarket #wellness #spring

Look for sorrel at your local farmer’s market. Sorrel starts showing up in the spring and gets progressively more bitter as the year progresses. It is also easy to grow yourself. Sorrel is a fast-growing perennial and winter-resistant, so it makes the perfect addition to your home garden.

Sorrel is packed with vitamins A and C, which act as antioxidants and support the immune system. Its high potassium content supports healthy blood pressure and heart health.

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This Month’s Favorite Quote:

All pain is a mind-body experiencePain is a combination of the physical sensations we feel, the emotions we feel, and the meaning the pain has for us, and therefore the most effective approaches to deal with pain are generally multifactorial and holistic.”

March’s Features from The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Blog:

An Integrative Approach to Pain: Relieve Suffering by Addressing Mind, Body and Spirit in These 4 Areas! A Clean and Green Medicine Cabinet Makeover for Natural First Aid #clean #green #eco #natural #naturalliving #nontoxic #ecoliving #minimalism #firstaid #personalcare #skincare #skin

4 Key Steps To Spring Clean Your Health:  A Clean and Green Medicine Cabinet Makeover for Natural First Aid #clean #green #eco #natural #naturalliving #nontoxic #ecoliving #minimalism #firstaid #personalcare #skincare #skin #Healthy Shamrock #Shake #Smoothie Bowl: #vegan #glutenfree #grainfree #recipe #paleo #sugarfree #healthyfood #healthyrecipe #stpatricks #stpatricksday #green #smoothiebowl


What is your favorite way to enjoy ginger?

Have you tried sorrel? 

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