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Welcome to the Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method! Please explore my site and blog to learn more about me, my training and my approach to wellness and healing. My goal is to support you in discovering and recognizing your true nourishment needs and to empower you to find that place of sustainable wellbeing. I provide easy to implement, powerful techniques to help you build your wellness toolkit. I invite you to explore how you can benefit from our programs and opportunities, find out about upcoming events and access free wellness resources!

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For a great introduction to my healing philosophy check out The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Solution: Heal Your Body, Balance Your Mind and Renew Your Energy to Make Vibrant Health Your New Way of Life! and various blog posts to learn how Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Changes everything!! 

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Build Your Wellness Toolkit with Support, Healthy Recipes, Wellness News & Inspiration!

Join innovative online courses, health coaching programs and wellness workshops virtually from anywhere in the world! Maintain balance, energy and optimal health through simple, enjoyable nourishment, lifestyle, cleansing and personal growth programs.

Health Prof solutions

Professional Services for Health Care Providers, Coaches & Healers

Share your passion for health and wellness! Dr. Weinberg combines her extensive experience and knowledge in healthcare and medicine, writing, educating and editing to offer you powerful services, tools and resources to reach your clients and patients and take your passionate wellness career to the next level! Get professional editorial services to self-publish your signature book, premium customized done-for-you workshops and resources to build your business, or professional coaching to take your career to the next level.

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Corporate Wellness Solutions, Appearances & Health Communications

As a sought-after wellness expert, consultant speaker and educator, Dr. Weinberg can provide a customized solution for your group or workplace! Work with Dr. Weinberg to implement powerful corporate wellness programs and health education campaigns in your workplace or business; learn from engaging workshops and lectures; feature Dr. Weinberg’s innovative approach at your next event; host a book signing; and craft unique strategies and campaigns to deliver your health and wellness programs!


Professional Editorial and Copywriting Services and Self-Publishing Support

I bring my experience, knowledge and expertise in editing and health communications to support you from idea creation to completion! I have extensive writing, copy writing and editorial experience, producing many journal articles, book chapters, media articles allowing me to offer professional editorial, proofreadingcopy writing, book coaching and self-publishing support services to help you launch your next book, publish an article in the national media, enhance your blog, provide a monthly newsletter or share a health communications campaign.

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Meet Dr. Weinberg

Dr. Jennifer Weinberg MD MPH MBE

The Simple Pure Whole Wellness Method!

Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE is a Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Physician trained at the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins, Mind-Body Medicine expert,  Author of The Whole Cure, Speaker, Editor & Certified Health Coach. Her Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method offers innovative online wellness & education for individuals, health care professionals and corporations wanting to integrate a comprehensive approach to lifelong health!



“Dr. Weinberg’s presentation was very informative.  It caught my attention right away and kept me wanting to hear more. I personally have never thought about how much the environment around a person could contribute to her health, weight gain, etc. I knew about how healthy eating, proper vitamins and exercise was good for you. But I never realized how bad microwave containers, popcorn bags, dryer sheets, fragrant lotions and deodorants were for the body!. Now that I do, I plan on being more careful with what I use and trying to live a healthier life. Thank you for opening my eyes to these changes that need to be made.”


“I am finding that the more that I put in even a few minutes a few times a week with The Whole Cure the more my brain is becoming retrained to naturally think in a more calm and less reactive way. I am more readily able to cope with everyday stressors in my life without getting upset, angry or depressed. This is huge for me! Over time this is really leading to positive shifts in my relationships with others and myself, in my career and in my life and health overall.”

Reader of The Whole Cure

“I highly recommend Dr. Weinberg’s course for everyone and would encourage all healthcare providers to incorporate this information into their practice and encourage their patients to explore this course to improve their health and the health of our planet.”

Diabetes Educator

Dr. Weinberg is a featured contributor to popular media including: 

The Chopra Center Chopra Center: #health, #wellness, #yoga, #ayruveda, #nutrition


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