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Gift Guides & Product Reviews

You can start by browsing some of my healthy gift guides and product reviews to learn more about some of my favorite products that support a healthy lifestyle!

Simple Pure Whole Mindful Healthy Gift Guide

My Favorite Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Healthy Gifts!

Relax, Rejuvenate and Detoxify with Near Infrared Sauna Therapy: Part I, a Review of the Pocket Sauna

How to Choose an Air Purifier to Keep Toxins Out of Your Home

Sauna therapy raises the body’s core temperature, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, increases blood flow to vital organs and the skin and helps to support the body in clearing toxins. Near infrared saunas combine the heat therapy of traditional saunas and NIR phototherapy (low level light therapy) to gently heat the body from within. The Near Infrared Pocket Sauna from Sauna Space is handcrafted in the USA from quality, low-toxicity materials with a simple, lightweight design that is easy to set up and transport and takes up little space. It is an ultra-low EMF, portable near infrared sauna made by a company that I have come to know as passionate and dedicated to helping to support self healing. 


Indoor air is often several times more contaminated than outdoor air and can expose us to a variety of chemicals, allergens, particulates, obesogens, VOCs and odors. I use an EnviroKlenz air filtration unit in my home and office to improve indoor air quality. This mobile unit removes and neutralizes chemical odors, allergy triggers, and odors in the air.

EnviroKlenz a unique air purifier to remove pollutants and help cope with multiple chemical sensitivities. #air #airpurifier #nontoxic #chemical #natural #naturalliving #wellness #health #healthy #healthyliving #MCS

You can review my guide about How to Choose an Air Purifier to Keep Toxins Out of Your Home here!


air purifier for allergies

Clean, pure water is a key element for good health. For clearing out a wide variety of toxic chemicals including fluoride from your water. I use a Berkey system in my home and shower (affiliate link*):
Berkey Water Filter  

If you are looking for healthy, gluten-free options for personal care and home use, you can browse some of my favorite products that I use from Amazon here (affilate links*):

Personal Care Products



Pantry Supplies

Gift Ideas

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMFs) from cellphone and laptops are thought to contribute to a variety of health conditions, including some cancers. The Defender Pad blocks EMFs from your laptop to protect you from harmful radiation.

You can read about why I choose to use a Defender Pad when working on my laptop here.

DefenderPad Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield
Shirataki Miracle Noodles are a gluten-free noodle option that are made from a soluble fiber derived from a root. Save 10% off miracle noodle with the code AFF10MN

Stay Fit and Healthy

Gluten Free Noodles. Buy Now and Get 10% Off! Coupon Code: AFF10MN

You can also make your own spiralized noodles from zucchini, squash and other veggies with the Inspiralizer

Turn veggies into noodles with the Inspiralizer

I wear blue blocking glasses for all computer use and find that regularly using glasses with digital screen protection to block blue light (affiliate link) helps to keep my hormones more balanced, improves my sleep and is especially helpful when adjusting to different time zones with travel.

You can purchase regular prescription or non-prescription glasses in any frame you choose with this special lens coating that is barely noticeable so that they appear just like normal glasses and can be worn on a daily basis instead of the more obvious bulky yellow lensed shielding glasses.

Eyeglasses with style #glasses #eyeglasses #save #coupon

You can save $10 off the affordable prescription glasses I wear with digital screen protection here with the code IFYVKAQZET 

(affilate link)

Looking for a cozy, non-toxic option for the whole family? Pact offers organic socks, underwear and basics for men, women and baby. These are the organic basics I wear daily. Sweatshop free, Super soft organic cotton underwear, tees, socks and lounge wear from PACT Apparel. They also offer great customer service and a perfect fit guarantee!

Click here to save 20% off your first order with PACT!

PACT Super Soft Organic Cotton

Earth Easy is a great source of sustainable, earth-friendly products that are safer for your health and family. 

Safe, healthy cookware from Fagor America in the store 

For a variety of ingredients, home supplies and personal care items, I often find the best prices at Vitacost, iHerb or Amazon.

Click HERE and us the code BGF320 to save $5-10 off your first order at iHerb (affiliate link*).


Click HERE to get $5 off your first order of $30 or more at Vitacost (affiliate link*).


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