Are you ready to overcome the most taxing challenges of daily life—disconnect, stress, overwhelm, burnout, frustration, resentment and lack of fulfillment?


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The Whole Cure: 52 Essential Prescriptions for Overcoming Overwhelm, Reclaiming Balance and Reconnecting with a Life You Love!

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A powerful and inspiring book and wellness program to transform your health, life and mindset!

Get a peak of what The Whole Cure is all about with The Whole Cure Wellness Wednesdays on the blog!

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The Whole Cure Wellness Wednesdays: A Strategy for Intentional Living

A Wellness Prescription for Intentional Living: Setting Your Intention for A Balanced Day! One of the core themes of The Whole Cure: 52 Essential Prescriptions to Overcome Overwhelm, Reclaim Balance and Reconnect with a Life You Love! revolves around becoming more present, calm, relaxed and reflective so that you can reconnect with your true self and passionate purpose. In The […]




In The Whole Cure, Dr. Weinberg provides a complete toolkit for creating subtle shifts and radical changes in your outlook and habits! Each chapter introduces a core inspirational concept for a fulfilled, authentic and balanced life. As you complete these 52 exercises, you can expect incredible transformation and long-lasting impacts.

Are you ready to shatter through stress?

Is it time for you to discover what makes you truly blissful, balanced and healthy?

Purchase-NowThrough self-discovery exercises, guided meditations, journal writing and positive psychology techniques you will gain immense personal transformation and growth. Uncover Dr. Weinberg’s powerful strategies for releasing fear, cultivating mindfulness, allowing gratitude, finding forgiveness and inviting love to flow towards yourself and others!

Stress is at epidemic proportions in our society. The Whole Cure, provides a complete toolkit for creating subtle shifts and radical changes in your outlook and habits so you can cope with life’s challenges, big and small. 


Our bodies heal, evolve and find balance when we reach and maintain harmony in all aspects of our lives. Choices you make each day impact your health. When you live in alignment with your passionate purpose and an overarching larger vision for your life, you can release stress, find peace and thrive free from limiting beliefs.

The Whole Cure arose out of my own life experiences and lessons from my work with patients and clients over time. Stress is a major contributor to so many illnesses and living a life of constant stimulation and striving for something outside of our true selves can really take a toll on us.

I have seen firsthand over and over the significant toll this chronic stress takes on our health.  For most of my life, I chased fulfillment and what I thought success looked like. I strove for approval, happiness and a sense of completeness, that what I was doing actually mattered. And I see the same struggle with many of my patients and clients. Despite many degrees, a great education and a prestigious title, I still felt unfulfilled, bored, lost, empty, alone.


The shift came when I began to realize that these outward efforts would never really work. I shifted my focus and looked inward. This journey lead to the insights, exercises and toolkit I provide in The Whole Cure to help others uncover their true passions, authentic purpose, joyful presence and calm confidence as well!

I wrote this book for you! It is a project straight from my heart, and I am excited for you to discover all that it offers. I am really proud of the depth of content and power of personal transformation that readers are getting from this book!

The Whole Cure Lifestyle Transformation Program #Mind Module: a mental makeover to build #healthy habits, change your #mindset, banish #stress and transform your life! www.JenniferWeinbergMD.com

Warning! These prescriptions may cause profound and powerful shifts in your life, health, relationships and perspective!




Dr. Weinberg will guide you in cultivating an authentic life which embraces and reflects your greatest potential, filled with vibrant health, abundance, true joy, passion and meaning. Allow this deepened insight and awareness to lead you to overcome overwhelm, reclaim balance and reconnect with a life you love!


You will learn how to:

  • Trust your heart, love your body and be true to yourself
  • Take action each day to align your actions, thoughts, emotions and life with love
  • Stop hiding from what you truly want in your life and what you have to give to the world
  • Love yourself and embrace your passion
  • Generate an energy of enthusiasm, joy and positivity that spreads into the world
  • Take powerful and manageable steps to build lifelong vibrant health.

Get your FREE PREVIEW of The Whole Cure here and purchase the complete paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon today!


I also offer book signings and wholesale and volume discounts on the paperback book for those ready to stock up on gifts or wanting to offer The Whole Cure at your store, yoga studio, office or event!

Book signings of The Whole Cure by Dr. Jenifer Weinberg, www.jenniferweinbergmd.com



To take your Whole Cure to the next level, explore these opportunities to go beyond the book…

The Whole Cure Lifestyle Transformation Program!

Support and accountability are key for taking this work to the next level. I am offering a special opportunity for those looking to truly dedicate themselves to achieving The Whole Cure! You can be among the first to grab a spot in my powerful new Lifestyle Transformation Virtual Group Programs to bring The Whole Cure alive in your life!

Stress is wreaking havoc on our minds, souls, spirits, bodies and health!


You may have heard that little voice inside of you for some time. And you know that this is your time to stop hiding your inner light, to release self-doubt and to go deeper. You are done settling and living within limited boundaries. It is your time to move forward, embrace your dreams, inspire and discover your true purpose and deep joy! You are ready to step into your power and feel fully aliveJoin me to embrace your passionate purpose and overcome fear, doubt, overwhelm and destructive thought patterns that have kept you stuck.

I am here to support you and give you the tools you need to start living in a way that aligns with your inner calling, awakens your spirit, feeds your heart and nourishes your whole body, soul, mind and spirit!

Together we will build resiliency and find ease in life to handle life’s challenges and stress, big and small.

The Whole Cure Lifestyle Transformation Program #Mind Module: a mental makeover to build #healthy habits, change your #mindset, banish #stress and transform your life! www.JenniferWeinbergMD.com

Get the antidote to anxiety, exhaustion, anger, overwhelm and fear!

Living in alignment with your genuine

This powerful program is available to anyone in the world through its innovative and fun virtual format. I have packed the program with so much value, tools and a practical approach to help you create greater peace, joy, energy and clarity in every day! Discover these powerful practices, habits and exercises to strengthen your resiliency, build lifelong vibrant health and truly enjoy life!

Enroll Now in the Mind Module!

Find balance, calm and vitality!

The Whole Cure Lifestyle Group Programs are designed to empower you to become a better version of yourself, find new ways of coping with stress and overwhelm and experience more authentic joy in life! As a participant in this powerful program, you will gain access to invaluable accountability, education and support directly from me!

Together we will change your mindset, align with your soul, awaken your spirit, build your confidence and strengthen your resiliency.

What Will You Gain By Participation?The Whole Cure- A Prescription for Health and Happiness

  • Create and embrace a vision for a life your truly love
  • Release stress
  • Find inner peace and calm
  • Set and achieve life goals
  • Grow abundance
  • Improve mood, anxiety and chronic health issues
  • Enhance your self-confidence
  • Build healthy relationships

 Uncover your passions

Feel vibrantly alive

Radiate your light

Go deeper

Let go & move forward

The Whole Cure Lifestyle Transformation Programs allow you to focus on balancing the body, mind, soul and spirit so that you can live a healthier, happier life. 

Amongst the busyness of life quote

Through participation, support and self-reflection you will transform and awaken to living with intention and loving your life in each and every moment.

You will uncover a new path and find the freedom of living an inspired, aligned life!

You will build a toolkit of resources that enhance your resiliency and help you face challenges and stresses of life with grace and ease. You will learn techniques and teachings which meld the wisdom of ancient traditions, eastern healing and western medicine to allow you to bring balance to body, mind and spirit

Enroll Now in the Mind Module!

A truly comprehensive approach to Lifestyle Medicine–Mind, Soul, Spirit & Body!

In modern medicine, the body is frequently divided into a collection of separate parts which are isolated and targeted individually. A truly comprehensive approach appreciates the profound integration of the body as well as the individual as part of a larger community. This approach focuses on the whole person and the many subtle energies that influence her health and wellbeing. The Whole Cure purports that health and healing come from within instead of being applied by external “experts’ medications or surgeries.


Dr. Weinberg’s approach synthesizes modern medicine, science and nutrition with ancient healing wisdom, spirituality and psychology to provide deep transformation and lasting healing. 

When we find balance in mind, soul, spirit and body and consider the many elements of life that influence our wellbeing, our physical, emotional and spiritual health begins to shift in a powerful, healing way!


Joining The Whole Cure Lifestyle Transformation Programs will allow you to:

  • Open your mind and heart to a new way to view your life, purpose and circumstances
  • Bring joy, true happiness and balance back into your life
  • Connect deeply with yourself and others
  • Feel energized and healthy
  • Inspire healthy self-care
  • Fall in love with your life
  • Overcome self-destructive behaviors like overeating, under nourishment, excessive drinking and other harmful behaviors
  • Get deep, restful sleep
  • Find emotional stability to stay calm in the face of whatever comes your way
  • Cultivate true energy and vitality


What’s Included?

Each module runs for 4 weeks and is done entirely online so you can join from anywhere in the world! Each module is packed with value and experiences that will enhance your life-long health including:

WCLTP materials   

  • Weekly one hour virtual group coaching and learning sessions with Dr. Weinberg (see each module for specific details and content!). These are recorded for later viewing if you cannot attend live.
  • Weekly exercises, workbooks and professional handouts to support your growth, engagement and application of the material in your daily life
  • Ongoing support directly from Dr. Weinberg
  • Private Facebook Forum to ask questions, get support and receive ongoing inspiration and interaction
  • BONUS calls, presentations, resources, videos and materials


MindMindOur mindset is the foundation for how we react to experiences in our life and leads to our thoughts, habits and clarity. In this module, you will learn how to cultivate a mindset of growth and choose peace, love and joy over fear and overwhlem. As you step into a grounded and centered mindset, you will make heart-centered decisions with intention and focus. We will also explore the power of our thiughts and work to develop and nuture positive self-talk. You will become empowered to identify thought patterns, drop negativity and craft a powerful narrative of positive energy. Gain tools to process emotions, grow beyond limited thinking, break out of the prision of perfectionism, set appropriate boundaries and so much more!

Enroll Now in the Mind Module!

Enrollment for the next Whole Cure Lifestyle Transformation Mind Module begins soon and runs 4 weeks! Enroll now and transform your life and health for the long-term! Email me at info@JenniferWeinbergMD.com with any questions! 

  • The program runs 4 weeks with the next session soon
  • There are 4 weekly 1-hour coaching and learning calls, these will be recorded for later viewing if you cannot attend live.

*Would you like to form your own group? Contact me and we can work it out the optimal time and dates for your group of at least 6 people.

Enroll Now in the Mind Module!


SoulSoulAre you passionate about what you do every day? Each of us possesses a purpose and unique talents which help us fulfil that purpose. When we are using these talents and are passionate about what we are doing, we are aligned with our souls and more engaged and rejuvenated. In this module, you will redefine success, embrace your full potential and learn to live life on purpopse! You will swap shoulds for alignment and uncover unlimited possibilities for your life and how to get there. When we live from a place of passionate enthusiasm, we cultivate a positive energy that fills us and radiates out into the world. You become more focused and experience joy, enthusiasm and full immersion. The Soul Module will begin soon ! Stay tuned for more details, email info@JenniferWeinbergMD.com of reserve your spot now!

 SpiritSpiritWhen your life is full of obligations and tasks to complete, you can become disconnected, dissatisfied and out of alignment with your inner spirit. As you explore the Spirit module, you will bring magic back into your life through cultivating gratitude, reconnecting with your inner wisdom, deepening meaningful connections with others and finding true and lasting joy! Gratitude encompasses an appreciation, faith, hope and trust. As you see the world with appreciation, you can cultivate more authentic love for yourself and others. This compassion will allow you to release judgment and free yourself to settle into your true essence of inner joy! The Spirit Module will begin soon! Stay tuned for more details, email info@JenniferWeinbergMD.com or reserve your spot now!

BodyBodyWe are nourished by so many aspects of our lives beyond just the food on our plates. In this module you will learn to balance these lifestyle factors to identify and support natural patterns and rhythms that effectively create and sustain optimal health. Develop meaningful self-care routines and learn to manage stress through building resiliency, meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness and more. This will allow you to reconnect with your body’s wisdom and nourish your body and spirit while maintaining and aligning your weight, approach to eating, mindset and overall wellbeing for the long-term. Viewing wellness in this comprehensive way is a great step towards living a life of abundance, filled with optimal energy and balance! The Body Module will begin soon! Stay tuned for more details, email info@JenniferWeinbergMD.com to reserve your spot now!

Are you ready to invest in your health, balance and long-term happiness? 


Enrollment for the next Whole Cure Lifestyle Transformation Mind Module begins soon! Enroll now and transform your life and health for the long-term! Email me at info@JenniferWeinbergMD.com with any questions!

Enroll Now in the Mind Module!

 Now is your time! Nothing is holding you back. You are ready to discover your passion, joy, power and vibrant health!

I invite you to learn more about these concepts and to go deeper with your own personal transformation. Start with these steps and the Free chapters and prescriptions from The Whole Cure here! You can get your complete copy in paperback or Kindle from Amazon


Breathe: Guided Relaxation & Breathing Exercises to Help You Find Your Whole Cure

He lives most who breathes_1

The breath is a beautiful tool that is free, is always with you, requires no equipment and can be used simply to improve your health. Regularly practicing mindful breathing can be both calming and energizing. You can control your breath and use it to reduce stress and achieve a relaxed state.

The Whole Cure provides a variety of interactive exercises and wellness prescriptions to help you discover your passions and reconnect with a life you love! The wellness prescriptions offer inspirational strategies for releasing fear, cultivating mindfulness, allowing gratitude, finding forgiveness and inviting love to flow towards yourself and others. 

Each prescription will help you release blockages, reconnect with your innate wisdom and move forward to fully live your inspired life. You will flourish as you shatter unhealthy assumptions, recognize your value and trust in the magnificent wisdom you hold within you. You will learn to adopt a new mindset that leaves you fulfilled, at peace and transformed. Choosing loving thoughts over delusional fears, asserting your truth instead of giving over your power and releasing destructive patterns to recalibrate your life will become second nature as you dedicate yourself to living a vibrant authentic life.

Breathe: Guided Relaxation & Breathing Exercises to Help You Find Your Whole Cure is a special resource to support you in bringing The Whole Cure to life! The breathing exercises and guided relaxation experiences presented in this valuable resource can be used anywhere, at any time of day. Try using them when you feel panic, stress, anxiety or just want a few moments of calm in your day. They are also helpful for coping with pain and helping the body prepare for rest and relaxation. 

You can choose to practice one of these exercises every day for several weeks or when you are able. As you regularly practice these simple breathing exercises, it will begin to feel natural to turn to the breath when you are faced with stress. As you master one tool, you can try adding another. Go at your own pace and use the exercises that feel most comfortable to you.

Breath is the bridge which connects life toGive yourself the gift of finding this feeling of relaxation and calm you experience when doing these exercises throughout your day. Anytime you feel stressed or anxious, bring your attention to your breath and receive calming and relaxing benefits.

Breathe: Guided Relaxation & Breathing Exercises to Help You Find Your Whole Cure series includes:

  • Audio breathing exercises
  • Guided relaxation experiences
  • Muscle relaxation techniques
  • Wellness prescriptions
  • Full detailed scripts of each exercise and wellness prescription

These exercises are designed to help listeners reduce tension, build resiliency, regain energy and remain calm in the face of adversity. They feature breathing, muscle relaxation and guided imagery techniques from The Whole Cure and beyond. 

This unique and powerful resource will be available soon! Reserve your copy today by emailing info@JenniferWeinbergMD.com



The Whole Cure Workshops, Articles, Signings and Events!

featuringTheWholeCureDo you know a great bookstore, magazine, health food store or cafe, business, yoga studio, health practitioner, boutique, gift shop, health retreat or massage studio that would love to learn more about The Whole Cure and how it can support their clients? I would be so grateful if you could help me spread the word with those who could benefit. I am excited to offer speaking engagements, corporate events, book signings, workshops and books for retail. I would really appreciate if you could pass on my information and contact information to someone who might be a great partner! Thank you so much for your continued support!

The Whole Cure Press Kit


Join Dr. Weinberg at The Whole Cure Book Tour and Upcoming Events!

Stay tuned for upcoming dates!

Dr. Weinberg will be happy to sign your copy of The Whole Cure: 52 Essential Prescriptions to Overcome Overwhelm, Reclaim Balance and Reconnect with a Life You Love! at these special events. You can order your copy today on Amazon and bring your copy to the event. You will also have the opportunity to enter to win special giveaways when you

Book signings of The Whole Cure by Dr. Jenifer Weinberg, www.jenniferweinbergmd.com

Book signings of The Whole Cure by Dr. Jenifer Weinberg, www.jenniferweinbergmd.com

Feel free to contact Dr. Weinberg at info@JenniferWeinbergMD.com for more details.


The Whole Cure has been featured at:

  • The Self-Health Book Launch in New York City along with a group of premiere wellness authors to help spread the new self-health movement!
  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Fall 2014 International Conference
  • West Chester University Nursing Course Textbook: Care of the Community Spirit
  • Cedar Crest College Reunion 2016

Readers are loving The Whole Cure!


                                        amazon authortoprated

Incredibly powerful and beautifully written book!! Give this gift to yourself and those you care about!

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Weinberg both in person and through her virtual courses and programs. I can honestly say that Dr. Weinberg is one of the most compassionate, caring and intelligent physicians and people that I have ever met. Her insights, kindness and profound intelligence shine through in her new book The Whole Cure. Dr. Weinberg’s writing style is clear, inspiring and thought-provoking.

The prescription exercises truly inspired deep personal reflection that leads to profound personal growth. It is unlike any other self-help book that I have previously read. I found myself reading the book several times and each time benefiting more and more as I discovered further insights and really was inspired to reflect on how these issues fit into my own life. Using the prescriptions that Dr. Weinberg provides has really changed my life for the better. I have been able to make positive improvements in my personal relationships, find greater balance, prioritize self care, increase my energy and lessen my stress levels.

At a time when I feel like our world is busier and busier and we have so many negative influences, it is so refreshing to have a positive light like The Whole Cure to remind us how to reconnect with that spirit within us! I have given this book as a gift to several close friends who have all raved about the experience as well.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for a way to grow personally, strengthen their relationships, find greater satisfaction with life and improve their overall health!

                                               happy prescriptionholistic

I wish more doctors would approach health in such a powerful way! I recommend getting this book without reservations!

I have been looking for something to help me deal with stress that didn’t add more stress to my life or simply give me small inspirational quotes that I quickly forget. What this book offers are simple implementable exercises that I could fit into my busy schedule.

Even though the prescriptions that Dr. Weinberg provides do not take an immense amount of time they are profoundly deep and long-lasting if one takes the time to use them. I love that I can take one prescription each week and really focus on it, coming back to it over and over again when I have a few minutes to focus on myself. It’s been a great way to start to build positive coping skills and change my habits for the better.

I am finding that the more that I put in even a few minutes a few times a week the more my brain is becoming retrained to naturally think in a more calm and less reactive way. I am more readily able to cope with everyday stressors in my life without getting upset, angry or depressed. This is huge for me! Over time this is really leading to positive shifts in my relationships with others and myself, in my career and in my life and health overall.

I would definitely recommend this book for someone looking for deep transformation that doesn’t cost a lot or take up a ton of time. I can see this being a book that I come back to over and over again as I grow and face different life challenges. I love the value it provides as a guidance system and a toolkit that I can use to address various aspects of my life. Dr. Weinberg has packed in so much wisdom, knowledge and value yet kept the book very approachable, practical and useable.

I plan to use these exercises and prescriptions with my teenage daughter as well and get a copy of The Whole Cure for my niece who is a junior in college. What a great gift to help them begin to work on these issues now! I look forward to seeing what other courses, books, programs and opportunities Dr. Weinberg provides, as I have really come to enjoy her practical, caring and compassionate approach. I wish more doctors would be approaching health and healing in such a powerful and meaningful way! I recommend getting this book (in several copies) without reservations!

I wish every doctor would write prescriptions like this! I really liked

I wish every doctor would write prescriptions like this! I really liked… and found a lot of value in this book. I love how she explains and gives the reader prescriptions (tools) that will help them realize ways to empower themselves. For example, she explains that we “can choose to objectively assess stressors, acknowledge them and reframe your response to them”. This is followed with a nice exercise that allows you to incorporate the practice into your life if you choose to.

This book goes beyond the food and into the awareness and perceptions that are so important for true healing. If you really want to transform your life, this book is a great place to start. Great job Jennifer Weinberg MD MPH! It’s so nice to find a doctor who understands and prescribes so much more than a pill!

                                                   -I wish more doctors would approachtruemechanicsof healing

Take the next step beyond more veggies, less sugar, and additional exercise with the goal of wholeness of the body, mind, spirit

As Health Practitioners we do not only look at the symptoms of a client but try to dig deep, looking behind the scene. This is what Dr. Weinberg is doing in her beautiful publication “The Whole Cure.” She is not looking for the quick medication fix, but for wholeness in a healthy mind, body, and spirit as the final goal. She is talking about subjects like positive energy, compassion, and forgiveness, to only name a few. Her prescription reaches deep, behind the thought of traditional thinking. This book is for everyone who wants to take the next step, beyond veggies, less sugar, and additional exercise.

I read this book as a requirement for my nursing elective, but I would absolutely recommend it to anyone (even those not in the healthcare profession)! ! Each individual chapter of the book gives great advice/insight to simplify your life and live to your optimum level of physical and emotional health. After reading the book and trying to implement some of the suggestions by Doctor Weinberg, I found myself reaching a new level of contentness and satisfaction with myself in all realms of my life (professional, social, etc.) Defintitely worth the read! 🙂


Starting my prescription today

Now here is a doctor’s prescription I’m happy to walk out the clinic with. In fact, enough scripts to keep me going all year – for greater health and happiness forever. Easy to take and with only positive side effects.I need this book. Like the author mentions she has in the past, I take on too much too frequently. As a health & relocation coach, I know better, and need gentle prompts on a regular basis. This book will be perfect for that. Thank you Dr Jennifer Weinberg!


WCreviewI recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Andrea Chan about my experience writing The Whole Cure! Andrea blogs about food, life and travel at her blog Foogo! 

Check out her full interview to discover my favorite wellness prescription from The Whole Curemy opinion of the best diet, my perfect last meal and more! Andrea so beautifully describes her experience reading and pursuing the wellness prescriptions in The Whole Cure. She describes reading the book as:

“It’s almost as if I’m on a boat using her book as my guide to ride on the river of life.”



Her key takeaways from The Whole Cure include:

1) The first step to find peace is accepting yourself for who you truly are.

2) Live a life parallel to your true desires (Which is why it is important to sit down and think about areas that you are truly passionate about, and spend your time on those areas, and say no to other things that distract you from your goals in life)

3) Meditate each day to be in tune with yourself and align your day with your passion and goals.WC Review_Chan_It’s almost as if I’m on a boat using

Andrea eloquently describes her experience and shares some great insights from The Whole CureI am so grateful to be know that the book is making a positive difference. I hope you will check out her full review and let me know how The Whole Cure has impacted your life as well!

Get started with your FREE PREVIEW of The Whole Cure here and my top tips for achieving The Whole Cure!

Weinberg_nobkgndAbout the Author: As a Preventive and Lifestyle Physician and the founder of The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method, Dr. Weinberg is deeply passionate about inspiring others to reclaim a life of ease, vitality and health. One patient declared her to be “the ultimate teammate on the path to lifelong health!” while another student described her as “an exceptional teacher.” She specializes in  empowering individuals to heal themselves and live a pure, whole life through lifestyle, mind-body techniques and decreased toxic environmental exposures. Her methods have helped thousands to relieve suffering and regain a fresh perspective and approach to true joy and health!


The Whole Cure Lifestyle Transformation Professional Certification

The Whole CureTM Practitioner Program is for health care practitioners and healers who desire to support others in finding harmony in mind, soul  and spirit along with sustainable health. You will also find a wealth of support and resources in the program for deepening your own personal growth and wellness. Through The Whole Cure Practitioner Professional Certification training, you will gain tools and resources to help  you implement a truly comprehensive approach to health and wellness. The techniques, exercises, practices and strategies you learn will nourish yourself well enhancing your practice and work with clients. You will be empowered to inspire your clients to make powerful shifts, build new habits and cultivate awareness that will create a ripple through all aspects of their lives. This work is truly life-changing!

Coming soon!

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About Dr. Jennifer L. Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE

Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE is a Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Physician trained at the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins, Consultant,Wellness Expert, SpeakerInterdisciplinary Yoga Instructor and Certified Health Coach. Dr. Weinberg is the Founder of the Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method and offers innovative online wellness and education programs for individuals looking for sustainable optimal health as well as health care providers seeking to embrace a transformative approach to health care and corporations wanting to integrate a comprehensive approach to corporate wellness!

You can purchase the complete paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon today!


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