From Cacao to Chocolate: The History and Making of an Ancient Superfood with Modern Benefits

Happy International Chocolate Day! There are many observances throughout the year to celebrate the consumption of this popular food, with today commemorating the birthday of Milton S. Hershey, the American confectioner, philanthropist and founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company.   Although much of the chocolate you find in the grocery store today is packed with processed sugars, non-organic dairy […]

Simple | Pure | Whole Strategies for Incorporating Fitness into Your Day: A Review of the Desk Cycle

Many of us put in long hours in front of the computer, sitting at our desks for long stretches of time. As we work, studies show we are averaging 9.3 hours each day sitting, more time than on any other daily activity including sleeping! Fortunately, there are many creative strategies for incorporating fitness and activity […]

The Whole Cure Wellness Wednesdays: A Strategy for Intentional Living

A Wellness Prescription for Intentional Living: Setting Your Intention for A Balanced Day! One of the core themes of The Whole Cure: 52 Essential Prescriptions to Overcome Overwhelm, Reclaim Balance and Reconnect with a Life You Love! revolves around becoming more present, calm, relaxed and reflective so that you can reconnect with your true self and passionate purpose. In The […]

August Simple Pure Whole Favorites: Health | Lifestyle | Happiness

August has flown by and it is already time to share my favorite healthy recipes/foods/products/links/exercises/inspiration from the past month. In July I introduced this new Favorites feature to the updated Simple | Pure | WholeTMBlog, and I have some great new-to-me healthy finds to share again this month to help you live a healthy life! I only share resources that […]