Healthy Balance During the Fall with the Wisdom of Ayurveda

Autumn brings beautiful changing leaves, crisp cool air, strong breezes, a fresh lightness and a time of change. According to Ayurveda, October to February marks vata season with characteristics of creativity, lightness and enthusiasm. Vata is associated with a cold, windy and dry climate. As this external environmental vata increases, our internal vata often increases as well.  If […]

A Fall Detox Cleanse: Simple | Pure | Whole Steps to Shed Toxicity

If you have brain fog, persistent fatigue, sluggish digestion or chronic illness,  it is likely that toxic accumulation is contributing to your imbalances.  The environment is filled with toxic insults in our air, water and food. Most chronic diseases are influenced by harmful impacts of our modern lifestyles and environment. Diets deficient in true nutrition and stuffed […]

September Simple Pure Whole Favorites: Health | Lifestyle | Happiness

As fall sets in and September comes to a close, it is time to share my favorite healthy recipes/foods/products/links/exercises/inspiration from the past month. As I introduced in July and continued in August, I introduced my Favorites feature to the updated Simple | Pure | WholeTMBlog, and I have some great healthy finds to share again this month to help you live a healthy […]

Healthy Snack Swaps: Simple Pure Whole Strategies & Recipes for Satisfying Game Day & Everyday Snacking!

Snacking is central to many of ournut favorite social gatherings. It can help satisfy our hunger, provide an energy boost between meals and give us a chance to enjoy delicious food with friends and family. Choosing nutritious real food snacks is also a great way to curb cravings and avoid munching away mindlessly.  With fall […]

Yoga as Preventive Medicine: An Ancient Philosophy to Address a Modern Chronic Disease Epidemic

A key step in The Simple Pure Whole Wellness Solution is engaging in enjoyable, balanced physical activity. Yoga has played a meaningful role in my own healing journey and is a valuable healing and prevention tool that I use with clients and patients.  In recognition of National Yoga Month during September, today’s post celebrates the health benefits of yoga! […]

From Cacao to Chocolate: The History and Making of an Ancient Superfood with Modern Benefits

Happy International Chocolate Day! There are many observances throughout the year to celebrate the consumption of this popular food, with today commemorating the birthday of Milton S. Hershey, the American confectioner, philanthropist and founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company.   Although much of the chocolate you find in the grocery store today is packed with processed sugars, non-organic dairy […]