A beginner's guide to a less waste lifestyle and #minimalism #natural #cleanliving #eco #green #earth #earthday #cleanliving #lesswaste #environment www.jenniferweinbergmd.com

A Beginner’s Guide to a Less Waste Lifestyle + VIDEO {Pure Living}

A beginner's guide to a less waste lifestyle and #minimalism #natural #cleanliving #eco #green #earth #earthday #cleanliving #lesswaste #environment www.jenniferweinbergmd.com

Minimalism and zero-waste have become trendy buzz words in the wellness realm with good reason. The average American family of four creates an average of 4,000 pounds of trash each year, which fills up landfills. This focus on consumerism and throw-away products clutters your home, drains away money and burdens the earth.

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Decluttering opens up space in your life for energy to flow and for you to focus on what truly matters to you. Embracing minimalism is one way to live more mindfully.Studies show that excess clutter takes a toll on our health, contributing to stress and frustration

A beginner's guide to a less waste lifestyle and #minimalism #natural #cleanliving #eco #green #earth #earthday #cleanliving #lesswaste #environment www.jenniferweinbergmd.com

Instead of turning to things for a rush of instant but fleeting gratification, work to get in touch with what truly brings meaning into your life. When you clear out material possessions and unnecessary things, you can focus on making more intentional choices that best serve your true needs, protect your health and respect the planet

When we live in harmony with nature and our environments, we find greater  calm, health, and compassion–for ourselves and the planet.

You don’t have to sacrifice style, comfort or ease to live a more conscious, sustainable life.  If you are inspired to cut down on consumption and generate less waste, start with these Simple | Pure | Whole swaps for a healthier home and earth

Simple | Pure | Whole Swaps for Creating Less Waste

A beginner's guide to a less waste lifestyle and #minimalism #natural #cleanliving #eco #green #earth #earthday #cleanliving #lesswaste #environment www.jenniferweinbergmd.com

Reusable Beverage Bottles

A beginner's guide to a less waste lifestyle and #minimalism #natural #cleanliving #eco #green #earth #earthday #cleanliving #lesswaste #environment www.jenniferweinbergmd.com

Boroux-Starter-Kit-300A #water bottle with a filter built in for safe, clean water on the go!Plastic water bottles create a ton of excess waste and can leech harmful chemicals into your beverage that can contribute to hormone problems and diabetes

To store the filtered water, Berkey provides a line of Boroux Bottles which are constructed entirely out of nontoxic glass and stainless steel.

On the go, opt for a container which is made of stainless steel or glass. For an added bonus, the Clearly Filtered Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle has a built-in filter that removes flourish, chlorine and other contaminants.


Menstrual Cups

A beginner's guide to a less waste lifestyle and #minimalism #natural #cleanliving #eco #green #earth #earthday #cleanliving #lesswaste #environment www.jenniferweinbergmd.com

The Healthy Woman: Natural Alternatives to Feminine Care with Menstrual Cups www.JenniferWeinbergMD.com #menstruation #PMS #womenshealth #health #womanTraditional feminine care products often contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals and create a lot of unnecessary waste. 

Silicon menstrual cups are a healthy eco-friendly option that eliminate waste. Made from non-reactive and reusable silicon, menstrual cups are easy to use with a little practice and are safer for you and the environment.

Mason Jars

A beginner's guide to a less waste lifestyle and #minimalism #natural #cleanliving #eco #green #earth #earthday #cleanliving #lesswaste #environment www.jenniferweinbergmd.com

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Plastic containers, plastic wrap, plastic bags and aluminum foil can leech harmful chemicals into food and beverages and create unnecessary waste. Instead, choose glass or ceramic containers for food storage.

 Mason jars are one of my favorite ways to store and serve beverages and food. They are great to take along when buying bulk products at the store and for storing both dry and wet foods. You can also use mason jars to carry along food in your non-toxic lunchbox!

Reusable Bags

A beginner's guide to a less waste lifestyle and #minimalism #natural #cleanliving #eco #green #earth #earthday #cleanliving #lesswaste #environment www.jenniferweinbergmd.com

Plastic bags and other debris can take up to 1000 years to decompose and often wind up clogging the oceans and rivers and leaching endocrine disrupting chemicals into the environment.  Paper bags are often treated with toxic chemicals, making them no more environmentally friendly than plastic.

By switching to reusable bags, an average American family can save 750 plastic bags each year. When heading to the farmer’s market or grocery store, bring along your own reusable bags made of organic cotton or natural canvas. To further reduce packaging waste, think beyond food shopping and bring your own bag to shop for other stables as well like clothing, office supplies and other regular purchases.

 Simple Pure Whole Guided Home Detox: #Clean up your #home and protect your #family #health #healthy #healthyliving #cleanliving #nontoxic #detox #cleanse www.JenniferWeinbergMD.com

I also work with clients to help you make your home a safer and less toxic place, room-by-room. In my Simple | Pure | WholeTM Virtual Guided Home Detox  we work together to transform your home into a clean, safe sanctuary for you and your family. And if you are planning on building a new house or undertaking a remodeling, I am happy to help you make non-toxic choices and find natural solutions and healthy building materials and furnishings to keep your family safe and protect your health for years to come! Contact me to arrange a custom solution for your unique needs!

What are your must-haves for reducing waste?

Have you simplified or decluttered any areas of your life?

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